Producer’s Accident & Health Practice Exam

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Welcome to the Producer’s Accident & Health Practice Exam.

When you take this practice exam, 100 questions will be chosen from a pool of 400 questions. If you take the practice exam a second or third time, most of the questions will be different, but some will be the same. Like the actual state licensing exam, the practice exam has a time limit of 2 hours.

We recommend that you score at least 80% on the practice exam before taking the actual state licensing exam. If you do NOT do well on the practice exam, we suggest that you closely look over your practice test results to determine which categories you missed the most questions in, and study those. To find your results, click on on the arrow to the left of this course at the bottom of your profile and click on the clipboard in the “Statistics” column.

It is critically important to understand all the topics in the courses and lessons. Just memorizing the answers to the practice exam questions is not enough — since the questions on the practice exam are NOT the exact same questions that you will get on the actual state licensing exam.

Like the actual state licensing exam, the 100 practice exam questions are categorized as follows:

General Insurance5
Insurance Regulation7
Accident & Health Insurance Basics30
Disability Income Insurance2
Health Medical Plans18
Group Accident & Health21
Dental Insurance2
Long-Term Care Insurance7
Federal Taxes – Accident & Health2

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Good luck! Please call us at (801) 518-1956 with any questions or concerns.

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