Resources for Managers and Trainers

We want you to succeed! Please call us about these valuable opportunities!

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Private Instruction

We offer private exam prep or CE training for your team via webinar or on-site at your location.
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We can train your instructor(s) on how to deliver our exam prep curriculum.
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Bulk Pricing

For large groups, we offer special pricing on our exam prep study options and CE courses.
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Buy Now Pay Later

We offer monthly billing plans for groups, so payment can be deferred— relieving your team members of the responsibility to pay when they register for exam prep or CE courses.
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Manager Portal

For no additional cost, we can provide managers, trainers, or administrators with a private portal. This tool allows the learning progress of team members who are studying for the insurance exam to be monitored to make sure they are on track for success!
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Guaranteed Success

For groups that take advantage of our complete exam prep option, we guarantee success! If your team member finishes our exam prep training program—and fails the state insurance exam—that person’s online access can be transferred to another team member for no additional charge.