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You are in sales. Your mission is to assist clients and customers in finding what is best for them, and then help them move forward on a product or service. Does every product or service you offer fit every customer you talk to? Of course not!

If that is true, then why would you talk to every client or customer using the same approach? When working with sales teams, it is very common to find sales scripts, or expectations on what information is covered in conversation #1, #2, #3, and so on. Scripts can help the beginner, for sure… but how long do you want to be “the beginner”?

What if you approached it differently? What if you DIDN’T talk to every customer the same? What if you talked to them EXACTLY how THEY wanted to be talked to? Would you be able to close just ONE more lead? Two more? What if your closing numbers doubled because you knew how to ethically identify key aspects of how every person communicates?

Join us Friday, July 10 as Allen Roberds, a DISC Personality and Business Consultant, opens your eyes to what’s possible when you apply ethical persuasion to the field of sales. After all, what’s an extra close per month, per week, or per day worth to you?

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SMART goals work!

Nothing truly great happens in an organization until people have a conversation. Nothing!

And goals are the basis for all purposeful human interaction.

This is why goals must be SMART.  We like to use a little bit of a twist:
S = Specific
M= Measurable
A= Aggressive ( this is different than most common usage)
R= Realistic
T= Time bound

Research done by Step Change Learning across large organizations about what really makes a goal work, they asked people to think about the most meaningful work experience and then asked questions about that experience.
70% reported there was a written goal
28% reported there was a goal, but not written
2% said they just got lucky

When asked how challenging the goal was, 89% said there was a significant amount of stretch required to accomplish the goal.

When asked how important was the goal to them personally 95% reported achieving the goal was was very important to them personally.

What we learn from this study :
1- Having some kind of a goal plays a huge role;
2- Having a goal be challenging that causes us to stretch and not be easy plays a big role;
3- Having personal importance to the individual plays an especially big  role,
in significant accomplishments for individuals.

The reason to use SMART goals isn’t to cause more work, but when done right, SMART goals increase the probability of success for the individual and the organization.

Learn the right way to use SMART goals in your organization by attending 

‘The Neuroscience of Instilling a Desire for Increased Sales’
Presenter: Michael-John Bristow
13 March, 2020
9690 S 300 W, Suite 333
Sandy, UT

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About the Presenter:

Michael-John Bristow has been providing neuroscience-based coaching and training to his Fortune 500 clients for over a decade. His international experience and dynamic teaching style make him a highly regarded trainer and coach. He has a track record of success working with a wide range of people including senior leaders, supervisors, sales and marketing professionals, and customer service representatives,