Complement to AHIP (18 Credits)

18 credits

Courses Outline

3195261 - Retirement & Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Aging of America (ID)
2Retirement Worries (ID)
3Aging Demographics (ID)
4Senior Healthcare (ID)
5Social Security: How it Works (ID)
6Social Security: Is it Broke? (ID)
7Social Security: The Fix? (ID)
8Medicare Fundamentals (ID)
9Medicare Part A (ID)
10Medicare Part B (ID)
11Medicare Part C (ID)
12Medicare Part D (ID)
13Medigap (ID)
14Medigap Plans (ID)
15Medicare's Future (ID)
16Retirement Income (ID)
3196564 - Long Term Care 4-Hour Ongoing (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Aging in America
2LTC Services and Costs
3LTC Providers
4Health Insurance and LTC
5Qualified State LTC Partnership Program
6Ways to Pay for LTC
7Policy Provisions
8Disclosure Provisions
9Inflation Protection
10Standards for Marketing
11Consumer Suitability
12Changes in Services or Providers
13Unintentional Lapse
14Producer Licensing and Training
15LTC Insurance
16Application and Replacement
6000138468 - Healthcare and the Insurance Marketplace (ID)
Lesson #Description
1U.S. Healthcare Concerns (ID)
2Health Insurance Plans in the U.S. (ID)
3Healthcare Reform (ID)
4Primary Goals of the ACA (ID)
5Specific Provisions of the ACA (ID)
6Eligibility for Marketplace Health Insurance (ID)
7Applying for Marketplace Health Insurance (ID)
8Medicaid and CHIP (ID)
9How to Choose a Marketplace Plan (ID)
10Specific Circumstances (ID)
11Marketplace Tips & Tools (ID)
12Health Insurance for Large Employers (ID)
13Health Insurance for Small Employers (ID)
14Public Opinion (ID)
15Health Insurance in Idaho (ID)
16Resources for Insurance Producers (ID)
3195319 - Ethics & Insurance Legalities (ID)
Lesson #Description
1The Virtues (ID)
2Deontology (ID)
3Consequentialism (ID)
4Religion (ID)
5Contracts (ID)
6Insurance Contracts (ID)
7Legal Interpretations (ID)
8Risk Management (ID)
9Insurers (ID)
10Agent Authority (ID)
11Federal Regulation (ID)
12Licensing (ID)
13License Types (ID)
14Insurer Regulation (ID)
15Producer Regulation (ID)
16Insurance for Insurance Agents (ID)