Life & Health Agent Essentials

24 credits

Courses Outline

3195319 - Ethics & Insurance Legalities (ID)
Lesson #Description
1The Virtues (ID)
2Deontology (ID)
3Consequentialism (ID)
4Religion (ID)
5Contracts (ID)
6Insurance Contracts (ID)
7Legal Interpretations (ID)
8Risk Management (ID)
9Insurers (ID)
10Agent Authority (ID)
11Federal Regulation (ID)
12Licensing (ID)
13License Types (ID)
14Insurer Regulation (ID)
15Producer Regulation (ID)
16Insurance for Insurance Agents (ID)
36565 - Long Term Care Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Aging in America (ID)
2What is Long-Term Care? (ID)
3Types of LTC (ID)
4Health Insurance & LTC (ID)
5Utah Medicaid & LTC (ID)
6Ways to Pay for LTC (ID)
7Utah LTC Insurance Law (ID)
8Utah LTC Insurance Rule (ID)
9LTC Definitions (ID)
10Outline of Coverage (ID)
11LTCI Shopper’s Guide (ID)
12LTCI Suitability (ID)
13LTCI Marketing Standards (ID)
14Unintentional Lapse (ID)
15Reporting Requirements (ID)
16Using Life Insurance for Long-Term Care (ID)
3195197 - 4 Hour NAIC Annuity Products & Suitability (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Annuity Fundamentals (ID)
2Classifications of Annuities (ID)
3Accumulation Period (ID)
4Deferred Annuities (ID)
5Traditional Fixed (ID)
6Equity-Indexed (ID)
7Equity-Indexed: Indexing Method (ID)
8Equity-Indexed: Adjustments (ID)
9Withdrawals, Surrenders, and Charges (ID)
10Annuitize or Not? (ID)
11Liquidation Period (ID)
12Liquidation Payout Options (ID)
13Federal Income Taxes (ID)
14Regulation (ID)
15Suitability (ID)
3195200 - Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Agents (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Fundamentals (ID)
2Money Laundering Stages (ID)
3Government Controls (ID)
4Insurance Company Regulation (ID)
5Insurance Agent Participation (ID)
6Products (ID)
7Know Your Customer (ID)
8Identifying Suspicious Payments (ID)
9Identifying Suspicious Activity (ID)
10Reporting Suspicious Activity (ID)
12OFAC Compliance (ID)
13Consequences (ID)
14Case Studies (Suspicious Activities) (ID)
15Case Studies (OFAC) (ID)
16Blockchain (ID)
L-36350 - Retirement & Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Aging of America (ID)
2Retirement Worries (ID)
3Aging Demographics (ID)
4Senior Healthcare (ID)
5Social Security: How it Works (ID)
6Social Security: Is it Broke? (ID)
7Social Security: The Fix? (ID)
8Medicare Fundamentals (ID)
9Medicare Part A (ID)
10Medicare Part B (ID)
11Medicare Part C (ID)
12Medicare Part D (ID)
13Medigap (ID)
14Medigap Plans (ID)
15Medicare's Future (ID)
16Retirement Income (ID)
L-36326 - Estate Planning Using Life Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Gift Taxes (ID)
2Introduction to the Estate (ID)
3Will & Probate (ID)
4Federal Gross Estate (ID)
5Unified Credit (ID)
6Estate Planning Trusts (ID)
7Living Trust (ID)
8Credit Shelter Trust (ID)
13Calculating Estate Taxes (ID)
14Paying Estate Taxes (ID)
15Types of Life Insurance (ID)
16Life Insurance Considerations (ID)