Personal Lines

24 credits

Courses Outline

3195417 - Auto Insurance Essentials (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Property & Casualty Insurance (ID)
2Auto Policy Parts (ID)
3Liability (ID)
4Medical Payments (ID)
5Personal Injury Protection (PIP) (ID)
6Uninsured Motorists (UM) (ID)
7Underinsured Motorists (UIM) (ID)
8Physical Damage (ID)
9Other Optional Coverages (ID)
10Idaho Specific (ID)
11Rating (ID)
12Profit (ID)
13Personal Risk Factors (ID)
14Teens & Seniors (ID)
15Umbrella Policy (ID)
16Miscellaneous Topics (ID)
6000138470 - Auto Insurance Costs and Risks (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Basic Insurance Concepts (ID)
2Automobile Crashes (ID)
3Auto Insurance Costs (ID)
4Auto Risks & Hazards (ID)
5Alcohol Impaired Driving (ID)
6Drug Impaired Driving (ID)
7Speeding, Drowsy, Aggressive Driving (ID)
8Inattentive Driving (ID)
9Safety Devices (ID)
10Accident Avoidance Technologies (ID)
11Self-Driving Cars (ID)
12Pay-As-You Drive Auto Insurance (ID)
13Motorcycles (ID)
14Risk Predictors (ID)
15Teen Drivers (ID)
16Older Drivers (ID)
6000138474 - Homeowners and Related Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Underwriting Considerations (ID)
2Construction Types (ID)
3Wildfires (ID)
4Earthquakes (ID)
5Floods (ID)
6Other Property Hazards (ID)
7Section I Coverages (ID)
8Section I Exclusions & Options (ID)
9Casualty Hazards & Negligence (ID)
10Section II Coverages (ID)
11Section II Exclusions & Options (ID)
12Policy Rating (ID)
13Policy Forms (ID)
14Policy Conditions (ID)
15Title Insurance (ID)
16Renters Insurance (ID)
3195260 - NFIP Flood Insurance (ID)
Lesson #Description
1Introduction to NFIP (ID)
2Community Eligibility (ID)
3Flood Maps, Zones, and Rating (ID)
4Standard Flood Policy (ID)
5Flood Insurance Products (ID)
6Building Eligibility (ID)
7Contents Eligibility (ID)
8Other Eligible Risks (ID)
9Ineligible Properties and Risks (ID)
10Policy Effective Date (ID)
11Coverage (ID)
12Miscellaneous Conditions (ID)
13Claims Handling (ID)
14Flood Insurance Legislation (ID)
15Severe Repetitive Loss (ID)
16Potential Reform Actions (ID)
3195319 - Ethics & Insurance Legalities (ID)
Lesson #Description
1The Virtues (ID)
2Deontology (ID)
3Consequentialism (ID)
4Religion (ID)
5Contracts (ID)
6Insurance Contracts (ID)
7Legal Interpretations (ID)
8Risk Management (ID)
9Insurers (ID)
10Agent Authority (ID)
11Federal Regulation (ID)
12Licensing (ID)
13License Types (ID)
14Insurer Regulation (ID)
15Producer Regulation (ID)
16Insurance for Insurance Agents (ID)