DISC Personality Profile Assessment & Workshop

You are in sales. Your mission is to assist clients and customers find what is best for them, and then help them move forward on a product or service. Does every product or service you offer fit every customer you talk to? Of course not!

Your Health & Well-Being Come First

The coming weeks and months, all of us will be hurting in one way or another. Many of us will face challenges relating to health, community, family, and business. As members of your Utah community, Mountain CE will share whatever burdens we can. First, rest assured that when you order pre-licensing materials, we have thoroughly […] Read More

SMART goals work!

Nothing truly great happens in an organization until people have a conversation. Nothing! And goals are the basis for all purposeful human interaction. This is why goals must be SMART.  We like to use a little bit of a twist:S = SpecificM= MeasurableA= Aggressive ( this is different than most common usage)R= RealisticT= Time bound […] Read More

Five Characteristics of an Effective Exam Prep Curriculum

Have you ever purchased an online course in some sector of industry thinking, “THIS will be a game-changer!”? I have. I thought that newly learned knowledge would make my job more interesting or put me in a higher salary range, or give me a fresh start in a new, more exciting career. Can you also […] Read More